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Flash website development and designing company

Flash Website Development

Macromedia Flash Video lets you easily put video on a web page in a format that almost anyone can view.

Video and the Internet seem ideally matched. Video is the medium that most closely echoes our day-to-day visual experiences, and the Internet is a boundless playground filled with interesting content. You might expect, therefore, that thousands of compelling websites would integrate video with data, content, and interactive controls to create rich experiences that go beyond what is possible with video on a television set.

Unfortunately, early video content on the web has often been simply a rectangle of content playing back on your computer monitor, usually in a separate pop-up window covering the website page that spawned it. The video images are often small and ugly, and the overall experience is poor.

Several technical challenges have kept designers from using video content to its full potential, including the following:

- Bandwidth Limitations
- Complexity of Authoring Video for the Web
- Lack of Compelling Integration of Video and Other Web Content

Flash Video offers technological and creative benefits that allow designers to create immersive, rich experiences that fuse video together with data, graphics, sound, and dynamic interactive control.


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