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Start an online web hosting busines without any investment with our Free Hosting Reseller accounts

Free Hosting Reseller accounts

Start your own web hosting business in 10 minutes with our free hosting reseller accounts. Free hosting reseller sign-upFree sign up

FREE reseller hosting hosting and No Investments Required!
Our FREE reseller hosting program does not require any start-up investments from you indeed! You can lay the grounds for a real private label reseller business without virtually any monetary involvement of your wallet! Furthermore, becoming a reseller of ours, you will not be bound with any contracts of future obligations to our company. And even more important - we cover all billing fees arising in the payments processing of your clients! Everyone is Eligible - no special skills required!  Free hosting reseller sign-upFree sign up

How This free hosting reseller account Works
Our free reseller program makes it worth starting a reseller business as its absolutely free to become our reseller and there is no billing or start up fees. You can start of immediately by reselling pre-configured shared and advanced hosting services. You can even create your own hosting packages with prices set by you. Your profit is the difference between our wholesale prices and your custom ones. You select the payment method and we pay you every month. You are re-selling hosting plans, renewald, domain registration or service upgrade.

A FREE web-based Reseller Control Panel is provided to manage managing your entire web hosting reseller business. You can create up to four uniquely branded and designed web hosting stores through the Multiple Stores functionality and manage them easily through the Quick Controls wizard.  Free hosting reseller sign-upFree sign up

Simple Business Model - free hosting reseller account
To establish a successful online hosting business we provide everything without any obligations to our company. You can promote your own web hosting business to your potential customers. While you stay at the front line as the owner of an innovative web hosting company we keep in the background.  Free hosting reseller sign-upFree sign up

Pre-configured hosting plans on your free hosting reseller account
Reseller plans

Turn-key Store
Branding your web store within minutes by choosing between three different store set-up options - advanced turn-key templates customisable to your marketing taste, remote domain search and order forms or a Reseller API expert solution for your own personally designed store or your current site.

Multi-currency Billing
Secure billing system in different currencies (USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD), and processing for you all incoming payments from your customers. No billing fees are required on your part - we cover them all! Simply sell our services and enjoy your fee-free reseller commissions.

Statistics Of Your Reseller Business
Our monitoring tools will get real time statistics for everything - from your store visitors' activity to all the incoming payments from your customers and affiliates.

24 hrs Support for You and Your Customers
We provide round-the-clock support service for you, as a reseller, and for your customers. The customer support service, including pre-sale and after-sale support, will be provided on behalf of your brand name. Our support-time-guarantee is up-to-1 hour, both for resellers and end customers!


Built in hosting plans on this reseller account

» Hosting Plans Business Corporate
Price /paid annually/ $3.33/month $6.66/month
Setup fee FREE FREE
Money back guarantee 30 days 30 days
Disk space 15 GB 25 GB
Traffic 300 GB 400 GB
Domain name registration $4.00/year $4.00/year
» Customer Support    
24/7 customer support Included Included
Extensive online documentation Included Included
Integrated ticketing system Included Included
1 hour response guarantee Included Included
» Domains and Sub-domains    
Domains hosted 1 10
Sub-domains 10 30
Custom MX and A records Included Included
» Free Features    
Online website builder: Site Studio Included
FrontPage Extensions support Included Included
» E-mail Features    
POP3 e-mail accounts 100 Unlimited
E-mail aliases 100 Unlimited
Mailing lists 5 10
SPAM filter Included Included
E-mail filter Included Included
Web e-mail Included Included
POP3 server Included Included
SMTP server Included Included
E-mail forwarding Included Included
Autoresponder e-mails
Included Included
Catch-all e-mails Included Included
Anti-Virus protection Included Included
» Scripting and Database    
MySQL databases 1 4
MySQL quota 30 MB 45 MB
phpMyAdmin Included Included
Perl support Included Included
PHP support Included Included
PHP support in HTML files Included Included
Over 3500 Perl modules Included Included
Crontab support 1 3
» Site Management Tools    
Advanced Control Panel Included Included
Multi-Lingual Control Panel NEW!
FTP accounts 5 5
Web based file manager Included Included
Custom ERROR 404 page Included Included
Password protected directories Included Included
» Misc Features    
Instant account activation Included Included
SSL with certificate generation Included Included
SSI support Included Included
SSH support Optional Optional
Unrestricted bandwidth Included Included
» Site Statistics    
Raw access and error logs Included Included
Traffic stats - WebAlizer Included Included
Detailed bandwidth stats Included Included
» OS, Connectivity and Back-up    
Stable Linux with Apache Included Included
2.5 GBits network connectivity Included Included
Daily data back-up Included Included
UPS & diesel back-up generator Included Included

Benefits of our FREE reseller hosting accounts

Our professional and comprehensive services will help you grow in web hosting business:

» Targeted and compelling service plans
» An attractive domain price for better competitiveness
» Cut down web page maintenance time and expenses
» Direct web hosting and domain registration at the lowest prices
» Hosting upgrades and price assignment
» Tools to support your clients


» Targeted and compelling service plans

After a thorough market survey, we concluded that clients who seek web hosting are influenced by particularly large plans, when comparing to a smaller plan at the same price. Based on our experience gathered during the past few years, we have increased our disk storage repeatedly - from 50 MB disk storage to 400 MB (Business Plan) and our bandwidth has gone up from 1 GB to 5 GB (Business Plan). Our servers ensure the necessary disk space. We guarantee that every purchased MB can be used at any time.

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» An attractive domain price for better competitiveness

Domain price is another cardinal factor when buying a web hosting account. We have taken this factor into consideration and offer domains at just $4.00 a year. After Network Solutions lost their market monopoly a few years ago, domain prices have decreased dramatically from $35.00 to $8.95 yearly per domain. Despite this fact, resellers, must be very competitive and that is why we have decided not to make profits from domain registration . In fact we are ready to take some of the expenses for domain name registration and give you the opportunity to sell domains for only $5.00 a year to help you attract more clients.

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» Cut down web pages maintenance time and expenses

Resellers Panel saves you time and money since everything is automated. We offer fully automated hosting solutions. It is based on a turn-key reseller hosting solution. You can start your own fully-functional web hosting in just 10 to 30 minutes, by simply following a few easy steps - free of charge. The best thing is that no there are no fees whatsoever.

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» Direct web hosting and domain registration at the lowest prices

The perfect opportunity to offer hosting services for web designers! It is easy and effective - you can order any of our services at the lowest price and bill your client directly at your office or website.

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» Hosting upgrades and price assignment

Does your clients need extra services? This has also been anticipated - using the control panel, they can upgrade - add more disk storage space, host an additional domain without buying an extra hosting plan or IP address and more. You determine the upgrade price and the respective profit.

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» Tools to support your clients

Our support personnel provides customer support round-the-clock. However, we grant you with access to all tickets, opened by your customers. This way you can answer any sales and other questions directly to your customer.

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Advantages you have with our FREE Reseller accounts for hosting

» Truly automated solution
» Uniqueness and flexibility
» Support and stability
» Safe and secure payment system
» Anonymity
» Security for you and your clients
» Easy web site design for your clients


» Truly automated solution

If you using our truly automated reseller hosting solution, your company will be the web hosting provider from your customers' perspective. Our Reseller Plans will remain invisible to your customers and you will keep your web hosting revenue.

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» Uniqueness and flexibility

A service like the one that we provide requires exceptional flexibility. That is why Resellers Panel is constantly evolving and adding new features and extras, or is upgrading the existing ones. Flexibility is a part of our uniqueness. By using the flexibility available in our control panel, your own web hosting can become unique. Using the control panel, resellers can pick an appropriate template for their reseller website, chose which plan(s) will be on sale and at what price, chose the way in which domain names will be sold, modify meta-tags descriptions, keywords and titles; add e-mail information, phone numbers and even ICQ contact numbers. One of the featured extras, which is really popular with our resellers, is the creation of their own web design, using only the order form and/or domain form, which are also customizable. This way they become 100% independent and provide their own text content and web page design, while we carry out only the billing, hosting and support services.

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» Support and stability

Customer satisfaction is the main factor, which guarantees customer loyalty and lasting business relationships with your customers. During our long web hosting experience, we have found out that price is not the leading factor when customers sign up for web hosting services and register domain names. The two most important factors are solid customer support and stability of the hosting company. Pricing comes third. On the market, all web hosting companies strive to find more clients by using all kinds of marketing strategies, to make the customer buy their web hosting service. Service quality and good customer support are not their primary concern. There are not many companies that can offer high quality customer support. Unhappy customers, whose questions are not answered in a timely manner and whose accounts are not working appropriately usually quit the web hosting provider and sign up with another. It's a well-known fact that well developed web hosting providers get approximately 50-70% of their new customers after recommendations from current ones.

Where does Resellers Panel come in?
For the reasons cited above, we do not only strive to find new customers, but also guarantee the necessary support and stability to our new and existing customers.

Our support personnel is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and will promptly respond to all questions from your customers. Our support team consists of highly-qualified and trained professionals, who are focused on ensuring customer satisfaction. Support staff salaries are based on a customer satisfaction index. This stimulates support personnel to provide high-quality services. Every comment from your customers on the quality of our support services is carefully examined by our support team supervisors. The communications log of the customer with our support staff is carefully reviewed and measures are taken to eradicate the problem and to prevent its further appearance.


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» Safe and secure payment system

Sales and billing are fully automated. Your clients purchase directly from you and make their payment to us. Our fraud department inspects every purchase individually and after granting approval, you receive the difference between our prices and the prices you have set for your web hosting and domain name registration services. Your client will be notified a few days prior to the renewal date and the procedure is then repeated.

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» Anonymity

Anonymity is one of our top priorities. None of your clients will ever find out about Resellers Panel. The main control panel that your customers will use bears no sign that it was designed by us and support is provided through a third party website. This will help you keep your customers.

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» Security for you and your clients

The security of your web hosting business and the security of your customers' websites is another of our top priorities. Using the latest technologies, we guarantee protection of your personal data and the data of your clients. Every security detail is thoroughly examined - we constantly upgrade our security systems and we protect our servers clean of all types of problems, including viruses, trojans and spam.

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» Easy web site design for your clients

To assist your customers, as much as possible, we offer our unique web design product, Site Studio, to all our customers. Using Site Studio your customers can build their own websites with ease, by using a few buttons and ready-to-use templates.

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Open your free reseller hosting account with us.


Website Hosting
Uptime Guarantee - 99.9%
» 5Dollar Hosting: $5/Year
25 MB Space, 500 MB Bandwidth, 1 Domain Hosted
1 FTP account, 1 email accounts, PHP4 & PHP5
» Economy Hosting: $3/month
50 MB Space, 1 GB Bandwidth, 1 Domain Hosted
Unlimited parked domains, 5 FTP accounts, 500 email accounts, 30 SubDomains, PHP4 & PHP5
Domain Registration: $6
» Business Hosting: $4/month
15 GB Space, 300 GB Bandwidth, 3 Domain Hosted
Unlimited parked domains, 20 FTP accounts, 100 email accounts, 30 SubDomains, PHP4 & PHP5, 20 MySQL DBs
Domain Registration: $6
» Corporate Hosting: $8/month
25 GB Space, 400 GB Bandwidth, 30 Domain Hosted
Unlimited parked domains, 50 FTP accounts, Unlimited email accounts, 30 SubDomains, PHP4 & PHP5, 50 MySQL DBs
Domain Registration: $6
» Enterprise Hosting:

40 GB Space, 500 GB Bandwidth
Domain hosting & parking, FTP accounts, email accounts, SubDomains, MySQL DBs. With PHP4 & PHP5 support
Domain Registration: $6
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